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$2 dollar shirt, t-shirt reconstruction

I bought this awesome ninja turtle t-shirt for $2 dollars at a thrift store however I hate the way a normal everyday t-shirt fits. I prefer a v neck or low scoop or something that doesn’t choke me when I wear it. Anyway I decided I was going to make it into a summer top.  Here are the steps I took to get this awesome shirt.

$2 dollar shirt – free and easy reconstruction

full shirt before








cut off neck



First I cut off the neckline




cut the sleeves off



Then cut off the sleeves.




Then cut (vertically) up the middle of the back.

Cut across arm holeThen cut (horizontally) along the back from underarm all the way across on both arm holes

This will create the two straps that tie around the neck.

t-shirt for measure



Now take an old tank shirt that fits. ( I used a tank I wear all the time)

Place that in the middle of the back and place back panels over top. Cut a little off both sides to shrink it to the size you want. Be careful here I cut a bit too much and it made my shirt a bit snug.



Then cut holes along the back on both sides to thread a string through.

I used the sleeves to make the string for the back. I just cut in a circle and to make sure they are long enough I just continued the circle around 1 more time. (sorry no pic of this). Now connect the holes in a criss-cross pattern, like shoelaces up or down the back.

The 2 straps on top I just trimmed down a little bit and then tied them around my neck like a halter. I didn’t like the way the shirt looked at first so I just added a couple of pieces of t shirt around the straps.


Back view

front view









There you have it. Cute summer top from a $2 dollar t-shirt.

If you have any question, please let me know. My instructions may be a bit vague.

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