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2:17 a.m. a time to remember

Last night while feeding my son I was completely snapped out of a milking mommy comma by my son who decided he was done eating and clamped down with his two freshly cut teeth. I was also shocked that I didn’t scream, It all happened so fast. One minute we are feeding the next minute I’m trying not to rip my breast from my son’s mouth.

I don’t believe I will forget the time of this nightmare, because my eyes became wide open and the time starring back at me was 2:17 AM. It did take me a while to get back to sleep after that.

I have heard about this problem from a few breastfeeding moms. I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to endure this feeling. I guess I’m not that lucky. At least after Ipried removed his teeth from my no bleeding sore breast, he was asleep.  

Now every time he eats I have the small fear feeling that he is going to do this again, but so far he hasn’t.

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