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Joy Seat review

joy seat
My husband needed this more than I did so I gave it to him to review. Here is what he wrote:

As a sufferer of Ankylosing Spondylitis, I’m always looking for anything that might take the pressure off of my tailbone, lower back, and hip joints. My wife purchased this for me, because she too is always looking for anything that might help alleviate some of my joint pain. Unfortunately for us, the Joy Seat Lower Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Seat Cushion didn’t do it for me entirely. I’ll list the pros and cons.


  • It is very soft to the touch and is very nice to look at (although being under your rear means you won’t be looking at it too much unless you are a mother and you have eyes in the back of your. . . ahem. . . rear).
  • It is very durable.
  • It can handle my weight without turning into a piece of nothing under my rear.
  • It can be used for a pillow – and I highly suggest that it be used as a head pillow and not a butt pillow.


  • It is too tall – I’m at my computer desk a lot and position is a MUST for me. The cushion raises my body up too high without compensating with ‘back support’. If this came with a “back frame” that would make up the difference in position, but instead it made me just sit way too tall.
  • It is too thick – This kinda’ goes hand-in-hand with the con from above.
  • It is too hard – If it were a bit softer, the two points above might not be an issue, but it does turn quite hard when I sit on it.
  • It makes my stomach feel awkward – it’s almost like my upper body wants gravity to continue pulling it down even though the seat raises me up. . . it feels kinda’ weird.

Now, I feel as if this thing has its use. It is most certainly a GREAT head pillow. I use it under my head. Maybe some will take issue with using a butt-pillow for their head, but that bothers me not. I say it’s great because it’s not too thick as a head pillow, it squishes down just enough (due to the memory foam), and it has an opening. If you place your face in the [butt] hole and face down, it really is great. Yeah, yeah, that’s weird and all, but it really works great. . I laugh every time I bury my face into this thing, but hey, we do what we can when it comes to easing pain while we sleep. So should you buy it as a butt pillow? I wouldn’t, but I’d most certainly recommend it as a head pillow, and it would definitely be worth what they’re asking for it. But that’s just me

Try it yourself:

Amazon: Joy Seat

****I was gifted this #seatcushion in exchange for a review on my blog. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own. Amazon links are affiliate links. ****

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