Chaotic Kristy

My Life. My Chaos. My Blog.



 Who is Kristy?

Kristy cannot be defined in any ordinary way as she has a personality unmatched by others. She is a wife, a mother, a sister, and a daughter. She is a complete dork which might explain her profession: IT. Some call her a nerd to the extreme, but that doesn’t come close to what she is. She is also a crafting extraordinaire, a Queen that cooks for her castle, and a self-proclaimed “bug photographer (emphasis on bug).”

Her life can be chaotic at times, but chaos is Kristy’s bread’n’butter. When Kristy isn’t conquering the IT world with her expertise, or cooking a crazy meal for her beautiful family, she enjoys watching Netflix, riding her bicycle (to no place in particular), and creating works of art known to some as “crafts.” Keep an eye on this one, because the next concoction she creates might just be the next Hell’s Kitchen entrée.