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Aspartame free chewing gum

Ok I’m so damn excited!!!! I have gone forever without chewing gum. This is like my favorite thing to do is chew gum and I had to live without it. Most chewing gum (every kind they sell at the cashier counter) contains aspartame. Aspartame gives me SEVERE migraines. Yes severe, not the kind that you take a pill and you’re done, but the kind that you take a dozen pills and you die before the pain would stop. The kind of pain that any little sound, smell, or pinhole of light makes you want to cry yourself to sleep after gouging your eyes out.

I finally decided to go on the look out for a store that sold aspartame free gum. Only place I could find was a natural food store. Price wasn’t bad but the gum was chicklette size, you couldn’t blow a bubble and the flavor was gone in 2 minutes or less.

aspartame free gum

Today I’m at the dollar general getting candy for the kids and I see Bazooka gum. I quickly glance for the dreaded word aspartame. To my surprise….It didn’t say it. I glanced over once more and sure enough aspartame is not a listed ingredient.

HELLZ YEAHZ!!!!! I can now chew gum and walk at the same time. I can practice for the worlds largest bubble.Best of all I can have my gum without the headache.

aspartame free gum

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