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Bittersweer Karma


Today I needed to stop by the store and grab a few things for breakfast. I saw a wonderful spot near the door but when I got there I almost couldn’t fit in the parking spot because of this Tahoe parked really bad. I managed to get my car in without blocking the person in the right lane and staying in my lane.

Now for the Karma. I took the above picture because I was worried this person might scratch up my car trying to get into their car or when pulling out of the parking space. When I was leaving the store with my son. I saw a woman with her hands full of bags and a little boy putting up the worst fight with her. I told my son I was so proud of him for not acting like that in the store. The ladies son continued being bad by dropping to the ground in the middle of the parking lot causing the woman to drop most her bags to get him. I then watched as she juggled her bags and a screaming kid all the way to the badly parked Tahoe.

It’s the little things.

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