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My blender Blunder

Searching my house for sweets lately has been a silly task because usually there are none. Sweets don’t last long in my house.

Yesterday I went on my afternoon sweet search but knowing we don’t actually have sweets I was trying to think of what I could make. I thought that maybe I had some frozen fruit left. When I opened the freezer I found ice cream…ICE CREAM! I couldn’t believe it. Knowing that I couldn’t just sneak off with the whole bucket and eat it by myself I decided to make shakes for all of us. Then I also noticed a small bag of raspberries. Yum I wonder how that will taste. I mixed it all together in my blender adding water instead of milk because I was out of milk. That made me a bit hesitant because I was afraid it would taste watered down. Then I served up the cups and handed it out. My daughter immediately started spitting and gagging, my guests started to say it has a weird taste. I tried it out and it had this weird taste. I thought maybe the raspberries went bad with frost bite, but that isn’t what I was tasting. It kind of tasted like I had placed grass in the blender.

After taking a few more sips I had this papery red piece of something in my mouth. What the heck?

Then it hit me. That red package of raspberries wasn’t actually raspberries at all it turned out to be red peppers I cut up a few weeks ago.

I didn’t even look at the stuff I just opened the bag dumped it in and proceeded to adding the ice cream.

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