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Boys and their toys

My husband just got a new toy yesterday. I’m really not sure how he talked me into it. Oh yeah that’s right he said we would say tons of money on gas. But in the long run is it worth it. I mean I’m already stressing just seeing him sitting on the bike. I grew up with bikers and have been on bikes since I was born. I have to say I have never meet a biker that hasn’t been in a wreck but at least most of them are still alive and well, but this still stresses me.

Also before anyone gets stressed and starts sending me hate mail, NO my daughter is not allowed to ride with him. She is just sitting here for the photos. But I will tell you I have been riding on them since I was in diapers. My sister and I loved every minute of it. One of my sister’s best memories was getting picked up from 1st grade on dad’s motorcycle. 1ST GRADE PEOPLE! I have to admit my father picked me up from school a few times like that. It gives you that certain cool factor…even if it’s all in your head.

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