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Cute short hair updo

I have been really trying hard to grow my hair out. I usually cut it off far before this point. I can’t stand hair in my face or tucked behind my ears because it won’t stay out of my eyes. I prefer a Pixie style, but this year I have been doing good. I can actually place most of my hair on top of my head into a cute little ponytail (well more of a numb).

Today I wanted the hair off my neck so I decided to twist it and place it in bobby pins.

  1. I started by pulling the middle into a small pony and pinning in place.
  2. Then I sectioned the sides into 2 sections and twisted up and to the back then pinned into place.
  3. Last I sectioned the back into 4 sections and twisted up and pinned into place.
  4. I added a few more pins to some stray sections that would stay pinned, and sprayed it down with my new favorite hairspray.


The top two photos are before I went to work a 10 hour shift. I work in the IT field and I had been running up and down 3 flights of stairs all day and crawling up a few desks.

The last three photos are of me 13 hours after I pinned and sprayed my hair. in the bottom picture you can see that I only have a few stray hairs from all the work today. How awesome is that? I plan to try this again tomorrow and I will have the hard task of crawling under a trailer and in the ceiling to pull cable. I can’t wait to see how this holds up.

In case you can’t read the hairspray it’s called,

Zotos Professional: Hairspray Addict

I bought it at Sallys beauty supply. It was that bad on cost I think just over $6 dollars. I bought it because it said on the can that it was made for colored hair and that it would brighten and shine. I have to say so far I am very please with my $6 investment. I usually don’t spend more than $3 dollars on hairspray.

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