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Daycare Blah

Finding daycare is no easy task and trying to find daycare for a 6 month old is even harder. I recently started a new job but before I could take the job offer I had to find child care for my two children. I really wanted to place them in the same daycare center but of all the places I called could not take a 6 month old. They were all full and would not have any available months. I was lucky enough to find one that had an opening for my 6 month old. She is an in-home child care and she only has room for one child. The lady said that most of the children she is watching now have been with her since they were infants. My husband I checked out the location. It seems safe and she has a really nice security feature on her house. She however only had children my daughter’s age and older so I would have preferred placing my daughter here.

We than went to the next location that would except my daughter and check that place out. It was pretty big and had a lot of kids. I thought my daughter would love playing with them all and they had a nice play area for them to learn different thing. I’m not sure how a feel about the place yet but with such a short notice I had to at least give it a try. My only concern really is that my daughter needs/wants a lot of attention and with tons of kids, I’m not sure how well she will receive this attention. I at least know it’s a 3 star facility out of 3 stars, according to my local DHS office. 

The In-home child care is expecting to have openings this May or no later than August. So I plan to place my daughter there so she can have a more one on one experience. That is if she is still having trouble with me leaving her there. I just can’t stand to see her cry like that when I leave. It just breaks my heart. They said it was normal for a week or so but we are on day 6 and nothing is changing yet. This is concerning me a bit because how do you tell if it’s separation issues or problems with the facility. She hasn’t said anything about them being mean to her but what if she doesn’t know how to communicate that type of information to me. 

Maybe I should get a book to read to her about daycare like the one above but not sure if that will work.  
Any tips on what I should do to make her transition into daycare easier? I could really use help with this one.

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