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Do you use natural oils for health and body care?

Lately I have been asked to review many “natural” skin and hair care products. I for one am for as many natural products I can get. The closer to nature the better. In the past I wrote about a company called Adovia and how amazing their products are. Well it appears there is another brand I have been introduced to that sells 100% natural skin and hair care products. The company is goPURE Naturals.

go pure product line

In a previous post I have tried their eye cream and loved it, this time around I am trying peppermint oil and argan oil.

Peppermint oil is good for a whole slue of things. But my all time favorite is using it for my headaches. I was truly shocked by how fast this stuff worked on my headaches. I just placed a little dab on my inner wrists and inhaled a whiff. A.M.A.ZING! It was no longer hurting within the first minute, nearly instant relief. My husband told me about a headache he was having and I had him give it a try and you should have seen the look on his face. He was amazed that it worked. Let’s just say we are sold!

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Next up I tried the argan oil. First let me tell you I had no clue what to do with this stuff. I tried it on my hands first and didn’t really like the feel on it. It did work great for my cuticles that didn’t bother me much. Next I used it mixed in with my body lotion and used it on my freshly shaved legs. They felt super soft and stayed soft most of the day. However the best thing that I found to use this product on was hair! My family has dry mostly curly hair. Their hair will stick out in a million places and never lay flat. My daughters hair has just enough curly left in it to make it puff out no mater what she does. If I just add a couple drops to her dry hair it will lay down for me. It makes my son’s curls more define and silky. I also found out recently that this stuff works great with your straight iron. Or at least that is what the lady told me at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

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You can also follow goPURE Naturals on Facebook here: goPURE Tell them I said hi.


Have you tried either of these products? How do you use them?


**Please note I was sent these products to review and give my opinion on. My opinions are my own and always honest.***

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