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Facing my fear…sort of

There a only afraid of a few things in life ….however snakes…I’m MAJORLY afraid of. I wasn’t always this way. As a kid I was a little scared of them, but I could at least see one and not freak out. I could sit there and watch it, maybe even poke it with a stick to watch it slither off. (<—–that sentence there just gave me chills) However as I got older I developed a huge fear of snakes. It’s like my whole body will just try to shut down. I won’t be able to run fast enough. And it doesn’t matter what size they are.

This week, while my husband was cleaning the yard, he found a very small snake. He said it was rough earth snake. Since he decided to show the kids and they were fascinated.

They have decided that they want to keep this snake.


I said no FREAKING way! However that didn’t seem to phase them. My son and my daughter both care it around like it’s a worm, without any fear. My daughter even snicked up on me to scare me with it. So what do I do…..I’ll tell you what I do…..Nothing. That’s right absolutely nothing and we currently have this snake in a plastic tub on MY kitchen counter. I was also tasked with find bugs for this little SNAKE today. Me the snake HATER. I did however catch myself intently watching the snake today without total fear when I feed him today and I even caught myself looking up aquariums on craigslist to place him in.

The things you do for your kids.


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