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Facts about the “Full Pink Moon”


April’s Full moon is called the full pink moon. This year’s full pink moon falls on April 25, 2013. It is a symbol of the arrival of spring.

Here are some fun facts about it:

Fact 1: The moon isn’t actually pink, even though it’s called the full pink moon. The pink moon cames from the wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. It is also known as the full fish moon, since it marks a time when shad swim upstream to spawn.

pink moss

Fact 2: This year’s full pink moon coincides with the first lunar eclipse of the year, however it will only be visible for those living in Eastern Europe, Africa, central Asia and western Australia. It will only be a partial eclipse, and North America will not be able to see it. Because of the eclipse the moon might actually have a slight pink haze to it.

Also remember,  the time from the full moon through the new moon is best for weeding, transplanting, mowing, and planting below-ground crops.

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