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Fast Mile – No Tie Shoelaces – Easy for all ages

no tie shoelacesTying your shoelaces is an everyday evil. Some have it harder than others. My husband is one of them. He has ankylosing spondylitis. This causes him great pain all day everyday. And simple task such as tying his shoelaces can be quite painful. I jumped on the opportunity to try out these shoelaces, and I’m glad I did. These shoelaces were super easy to insert into my husbands boots. The detailed instructions were easy to understand. You just lace them as normal and then insert them in the lace locks and tie off the ends.Once I completed them, my husband was overjoyed to give them a try.


They worked like a dream. No more unnecessary aches and pains trying to get his shoes on and off. The other benefit was that the package came with two other set of laces. I can either use them for my kids who have not quite mastered the art of shoe tying or I can outfit another pair of my husband shoes.

If you wish to purchase these no tie shoelaces for yourself or loved one you can find them at amazon: No Tie Shoelaces – FAST MILE

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