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From dark hair to blonde

This is how I went to Dark coffee red to Bright Blonde.


I have bleached my hair a few times in the past and have always gotten a chicken yellow. This time I knew I couldn’t get a chicken yellow, because I don’t think my job would approve. I read up a bit online before I headed to the store. Later that day it was time to go to wal-mart, while there I thought I would check on a product I heard would work in one shot…No chicken yellow. I was going to get everything I needed from Sally’s but, I had my kids in tow so I really didn’t want to make two trips.

I ended up getting:

Clairol nice n easy born blonde maxi

I followed the instructions for mixing and applying, except for the test strip. I never do the test strip. After the max allotted time to leave the product in. I ended up with “CHICKEN YELLOW” hair.
orange orange2

The next morning I went to Sally’s and got more bleach and something called red and gold remover. I mixed that in with my bleach and the lady at sallys stated that I should only use it for 30 mins to keep from burning my hair too much.

After 30 mins I have this:

blondish blondish2

It’s a lighter blonde but I still have a lot of yellow in it. I should have left the bleach in longer or go to a professional. I think I may grab a blonde box color this weekend and dye over it, to tone it down.

What do you think?

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