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Let’s talk Bathroom Rugs

Pretty Bathroom Rug

First off isn’t this just lovely. I mean just squish it between your toes. Imagine a fluffy cloud and you just stepped all over it with you freshly clean feet. Awww…Peaceful.

Okay. Stop right there. This is not the type of rug I wanted to talk about. I want to talk about the rugs that go directly in front of the toilet.

toilet rug

You know the ones that keep your feet warm while you pee.

Yeah keep your feet “warm”. That’s why I bought the bathroom rug.

But Kristy I bought them to bring my bathroom together. They match my shower curtain, and these towel, just look how cute they are.

Yes, this may be the case. You may actually like the way the rugs bring the room together, but let’s be honest that’s not why you bought that rug. Well, at least that isn’t why I bought it.

And today, today I remembered why I bought that damn rug! and I also remembered why I threw it away.

I bought this “toilet” rug so that I would’t slip and fall on the little “puddles” left in my floor. I have kids and I would like to say that these “puddles” are all there fault. But that would be a lie and everyone would know that.

These rugs ladies and gentlemen are for pee! Yes that little bit that doesn’t make it in the toilet because for some reason or another stepping over the toilet before, during, or after is not a task that everyone has mastered.  And these little heavenly clouds keep you from walking in there half dead in the morning and sliding flat on your ass. This magic little rug helps limit that faint pee smell you just can’t quiet get out of the tile. But a rug, well you can clean that in a washing machines and if the smell stays you can always replace it. This rug just so happens to be the one thing I threw out during our move months ago and today, today just so happen to be the day I realize just why I need that rug.

My ass will thank me on pay day.


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