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Netflix just got better

I cut the cable a long time ago. Netflix is all I watch now, and it just got better.

I already love the fact that Netflix has profiles now. Profiles is this beautiful little place I call my own. My own little piece of Netflix I get to customize for myself. No more damn children cartoons clouding up my recommendation screen.

Screenshot of Netflix Profiles

But that isn’t what made Netflix better. Netflix is no better then ever because they just introduced this:

Netflix Plan breakdown

I can now watch up to 4 screens at the same time! That’s 4 different devices all at the same time! That’s Amazing! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

My kids can watch their shows, I can watch mine, and my husband can watch his. This is a win, win, win in our house. The last 3 days we all have gathered around to relax and watch a show or two before bed and one of us (or two) had to sacrifice what we would like to watch for whoever got to Netflix first. While this isn’t that big a deal for me, I’m use to watching whatever the kids want to watch anyway, it’s a big deal for the kids. My daughter has reached that age where most of the shows my son watch isn’t the shows she wants to watch.

With the $11.99/month plan we all could watch whatever we want, all at the same time. This gives mommy some peace and quite. And mommy is loving it.


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