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Netflix what did you do?

My family has switched from cable to Netflix for many, many years. To be honest it’s been my little escape for some time now. We not only have Netflix on smart devices we have but also our TV. I can escape into a great show from time to time. (more than I should really) and the kids can go to a room in the house and watch a show on the iPad.

Lately I have limited the amount of tv my kids are watching so we didn’t notice until today that Netflix has removed Backyardigans, Dora and Diego. Why would you do something so horrific to my kids? to me? My son came to me to load Backyardigans and I tried to search for it but it turned up nothing. So he then asked for Diego and that again turned up nothing. While my son sat in the floor kicking and screaming for his favorite shows I researched the internet only to find out they are gone for good. That did not go over well for my son.


Apparently Netflix has let their deal with Viacom expire this month, removing a lot of my children’s favorites. Netflix will also be losing hundreds of titles which will eventually become exclusive to Warner Archive Instant, that lets users stream films and TV shows from the 1920s through the 1990s for $10 a month.

Right like I’m going to pay more per month for this service. Nope my kids will just have to change what they like.

What do you think?

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