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Premium Delicates Laundry Bags Review

How do you keep your laundry from being destroyed?bags in washer

separatesI have been using Premium Delicate Laundry Bags. I received a set of 4 to review. So far they are top of the line. I bought a different brand (unsure of name) in the past from Walmart (I think) and man they sucked. The first time I used them they broke my bra and created a huge rip in one of the bags. The Premium Delicates Laundry Bags are durable and more of a satin type mesh material. I have used them multiple times and have not had one tear up yet. And my clothes are as good as I left them. No more lost socks or damages undergarments.

I’m glad I received 4, because I use the largest one for all my crazy socks, the next size down for my bras and the smallest size for my sexy undies. Which leaves me with 1 more to use as I please.

The bags are also nice because the zipper is easy to use and tucks away nicely for washing, keeping all clothes free from damage. I love how I can just throw these in with my wash and toss them in the dryer and I know where all my undergarments are. This makes for an easy morning for me.

If you have babies this would be a great way to keep all those little baby items such as cute tiny socks, adorable baby hats and anything else they just can’t live without having, but always get dirty within secs. I wish I have always had these, I might not have lost so many children socks in the last few years. That could have saved me a ton of money. Then again the socks have to make it to the bags first. HA!


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