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Pros and cons of living in a large house

Recently my husband and I decided to move our family into a large home with a fenced in yard near our job. This sounds like a wonderful thing but has been nothing but a nightmare. We have been here so far a total of 5 months and have had nothing but headaches since. Let me give you an idea of this wonderful home and why we decided to move into this place.


  1. The home is HUGE! I mean 3,000 square foot huge. With a house this large we have room for everyone and everything.
  2. This home has a fully fenced in yard, a plus for when you have kids.
  3. A fully converted garage, can you say “man cave”.
  4. Located just 3 miles from my work place.
  5. They allow pets, we didn’t have any but we were strongly considering getting a dog (this is a whole other story).


  1. Location, yeah I know 3 miles from my job, but it’s located behind a run down apartment complex. Also it’s less than a mile from a bad neighborhood
  2. This place is HUGE! (“wait this was a pro?”) Yeah I know but it’s a con also. This house will never stay clean and cleaning takes FOR EVER! My job is never done.
  3. The local school is crap.

So why is it such a nightmare, well. The back bathroom can’t have the toilet flushed and the washer running in the same day,(yes I said Day) without water all over my floor. The ceiling fan in my kids room started to come down and when we got it fixed the light blew out. The light socket actually blow out of the fan. After we replaced that the brand new light I placed in the closet went out. This light was a new energy light, you know the ones that last for 5 or more years.

Then the light fixture in the dining room went out and that had 4 new lights in it and they all went out.

This doesn’t even top the cake. What tops the cake is that when we moved in here there was no AC unit, but were told we would get one in spring. Have we got one working yet….NO!

Ok we have finally have a unit but when they went to turn this unit on it the electrical box, exploded and caught on fire. That will definitely need replaced.

I went to bed last night at 11pm to try and see if it would cool off enough at night to sleep. Well it was 87 degrees in my house when I went to bed. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well.

My landlord needs to get this fixed soon or I’m out!

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