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Setting up the sleep number

It is finally together and let me tell you it’s no easy task to do. Like I said before it comes in four boxes. I would highly recommend you have two people working to put it together. It can be done with just one, but two is better. Since I couldn’t get rid of my kids 😉 I had to keep getting on to one and holding the other. Both children decided that today would be a good day to fuss early in the morning and they both wanted mommy to hold them.First we opened all the boxes and found the instructions. I also found out the foundation is made out of a heavy duty plastic. {You know the kind that they use on playgrounds} At first I was not ok with this then I understood why it needs to be plastic. The main bed is like a small air mattress. If you used metal I could see this puncturing the air bags. The foundation is kind of tough to get together, all the pieces snap together, but some take a little more force than others.

After you get the base on than comes the main part…The mattress. This part is not really that bad. You just place a few things here and there and your ready to inflate. Then add the foam top and the mattress topper and your done.

So far I have mine set to 45 and my husband’s is 50 but we haven’t slept on them yet. It says it may take a few days to find your number and that you may need to adjust it for different changes, such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy, back pain, sunburn, or even getting in or out of bed. At first when I saw that it said getting in and out of bed I didn’t understand but now I do if your just sitting in bed you need to inflate it more for comfort and deflate it to sleep on.  So far I love it let’s see what happens after day one.


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