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Valentine’s Day recap

What did you get for valentines day from your sweetheart this year?

Myself I got to go out to eat at an amazing restaurant. We were going to go to our favorite restaurant of all time, Chili’s but decided to give a local restaurant a try instead. And man was I happy we did. It was a Mexican Restaurant which is not usually my favorite meal. I prefer Italian or American the best. The restaurant was packed and there was a line to be seated. This was to be expected it is valentines day after all. It took a long time to get our drinks but we had already gotten our chips and salsa about 2 minutes after sitting down. After our drinks arrived we ordered an appetizer and our meals. They had a nice selection of food. And the prices were great.  It took for ever to get our food {about an hour or more}, but the wait was well worth it. I don’t think if I had to wait that long anywhere else {even chili’s} I would come out happy. I would have more than likely left or demanded our food be comp. The food was so good. I have never had Mexican that taste like that before. Everything was fresh and not over done. I plan to go back again really soon. 

After that we ran down to he mother’s because she needed us to clean her house. Not something I wanted to do but she has been ill and we felt like we should help. When we get down there she is coughing up a storm and it’s hard for her to breathe. We call 911 and they bring her some oxygen and tell her she needs to go the ER. His brother took her and we drove home. {She is doing better but has walking ammonia}

The next morning my husband remembers that he bought me a cute little Love money book. It has  these cute little money cards that have sexy little saying on them and the theme involves I owe you or You owe me. So where ever I’m not in the mood or just care do something flirty I can give him an I owe you to redeem later. Or I can give him a You owe me when I need a little something special. 

Nothing over the top this year but definitely a good. So how was yours?

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