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Walking it off

Lately I have been wanting to get in shape. This is a major task for a) I’m lazy and b) I like junk food. So i have decided to at least walk a few or more times a week to help maintain my weight until I can get past my junk food obsession. {this may never happen}. There is a park not to far from where I work that everyone walks at, this is where I have decided to do my walking. That way I’m walking alone but not alone. LOL if that makes sense. 

I walked 4 days in a row the trail is 3 miles long. I could feel the burn. It takes me just under an hour to do it. Than mother nature decided it should rain for a week and ruined my plans for walking, so instead what did I do I sat on my butt at home and ate all day. This is my weakness. If I am home I eat and eat and eat. This week however the weather has been better. I was able to walk two days in a row and than it rained for two days, but I however took a two CPR class {which I passed} to take up my time. Today is the last day of my work week and I plan to go walking today. My brother-in-law has joined me this week so it’s almost to easy now. I think we will be upping the pace next week so we can feel the burn. 

I did however loss weight this week not sure how but I am glad I did. 

Starting weight: 165 lbs
Workout: 2 days of walking {6 miles total} & CPR class {6 hours total not really doing to much}
Eating: I still eat my junk food all day with a nice meal for dinner. {I know I need to work on this}
Ending weight: 160 lbs {don’t ask me how I have no idea}

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