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We are hooked on Rainbow Braid rubber band refill packs

By now I’m sure you have heard or seen the rubber band loom. It’s everywhere. I finally broke down and hopped on the “band”wagon, now we are hooked.

I first went out and bought a cheap kit from dollar general. It was the moon loom for about $5.00. My daughter, (7 yrs old), picked up on the single loop bracelet pretty quickly. She has already made like five.

However two days later I found the loom in the floor broken. I was pretty upset by it because I was trying to learn how to make a wide bracelet. I may be more addicted to this loom then she is.

This time I went to target, and they had their looms on sale. I got the Cra-z-loom for about $13, it also came with a small bonus loom. This was great my daughter could do her single loop bracelets and I could learn how to master the wide bracelets. Win/Win. Imagine my happiness when I was offered to do a review for Rainbow Braid 7200 Mega Refill Kit, you bet I want to try these out.

loom refill


excited zoe excited zoe 2

I think the pictures speak for themselves. She spent some time finding her favorites and then asked me which ones I liked the best.

Later that day I helped her finish off a wide band bracelet. And guess what… She made it for my birthday. It was so sweet.

zoe bands wrist

We really like the rainbow braid brand. Out of the other bands so far these are easier to “stretch” on the loom. That was Zoe’s first question. “Are these going to be stretchier?” She was very delighted to find out they were in fact the “stretchy” kind. I have already created a new pinterest board dedicated to loom bands. So many bands, so many ideas.

Okay now for the review details.


7200 bands



Product Review: Rainbow rubber bands refill kit – 7200

Company: Rainbow Braid

Price Range: $29.90 – $72.90

Who Would Buy This: Someone that wants hours of fun. Parents that want peace and quiet. A happy crafter. Rubber band addicts.





  • Hours of fun in one bag
  • Fully Compatible with All Rubber Band Looms
  • Individual bags this means the colors don’t bleed with other bands. Also great for keeping them organized. 
  • Contain no lead or phthalates and are latex free.
  • Compatible with all loom kits.


  • I didn’t have any cons so far.

Guarantee: 365 Day quality guarantee 

Value for money? At the current price $29.90 for the 7200 refill pack, this is a real bargain. That’s $0.004 a band. That’s around 500 bracelets. Hours of fun, and did I mention the quiet time!

Where to buy:

Click Here To Buy:

Amazon – 7200 Band MEGA Loom Band Refill Set

Visit there site for videos and more, click here: Rainbow Braid


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free from Rainbow Braid in exchange for an honest review of their product.

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