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What did you do for the weekend?

The weekend is coming to an end and I’m just looking back on what I truly did this weekend. Hmmm…..Let me think…….I didn’t do much. I really need to plan my time better on the weekends so I can enjoy the time with my family.

Friday…. Got off work and picked up the kids, went home, grabbed a bite to eat, watched Zoe play outside a bit, put kids to bed, watched 2 episodes of survivor online, went to bed. 

Saturday… Got up, played with kids a bit, we watched Dora with Zoe, took a nap, went to Wal-mart for groceries, Got Zoe’s Ears pierced, grabbed a couple redbox movies, Made dinner, Watched a movie, put kids to bed, watch part of another movie, went to bed.

Sunday… Got up, watched the rest of the second movie………..ordered checks………nothing………..hmmm I still have 8 hours before kids go to bed, not sure what to do. I do however know I need to clean their bedding.

Like I said before I really need to learn how to utilize my time on the weekends for something better than nothing. 

What did you do this weekend? It has to be better than what I did.

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