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Womens Weight Loss 90 day fitness: Fé Fit

 Why I hate to work out.

  1. I hate looking like a fool. What I mean by this is, fitness classes or dvds make me feel lost. When I feel lost I feel like a fool. I have no idea what I’m doing or when I need to be doing it.
  2. I hate people watching me. This wouldn’t be a big issue if I didn’t feel like a fool.
  3. Most workouts are not for beginners and make me feel like I loss in the battle and should give up.
  4. I’m lazy. LOL, I’m not always lazy but to make myself workout takes a lot of energy I would rather not waste on something that makes me feel foolish.
  5. Sometimes exercise dvds can be over complicated and use way too many moves in a short amount of time.

Okay I know I said fool a lot but that really is how I feel when I try to follow a workout. It feels too complicated and causes me to not want to workout. And for someone who is already tired from the day how wants to be stressed out by a work out.

Womens Weight Loss 90 day fitness by Fé Fit

Enter Fe Fit for women. I was asked to review this dvd set for my honest opinion.

This set comes with:

  • 8 discs featuring 28 unique fitness videos, free flexible workout calendars to fit your busy life, and bonus tools for measuring and tracking success

DVD setThe dvds are a mix of 7 fitness genres:the 7 fitness genres

Cardio Circuit


Lower Body

Upper Body

Total Body Toning


Stretch Flow exercises

The packaging it comes in makes it feel like a present. Chrome wrapping paper and a pretty pink bow (see picture above). There is a nice booklet with information about each dvd, a calendar with a layout of workouts to fit your schedule and level, and stickers to place on the calendar to keep you on track. Also in the box, of course, is the booklet of dvds.

My thoughts on the workout dvds

I went into this workout reluctantly, like I have every workout before. I have been working so hard lately, losing weight by eating better. I did not want this workout to upset me and give me self doubt. I did not want to feel like a fool. After making every excuse to not open the dvds yet, I read the booklet front to back. I then looked over the additional calendar included. I really didn’t want to start a workout. I finally opened the dvd booklet to see what reading material where in there to keep me from starting. The first thing I saw was Intro to Fe Fit: (watch this first). Yes salvation the first dvd would be an intro something that could stall my workout that much more. I placed the dvd into my computer and began to watch much to my surprise it went into explaining all the different workouts that I will be doing. At this point my mind is a little more at ease.

These ladies really know how to help someone like me out. They go over all the exercises that they will be doing in all the dvds. What! You mean I will know what the hell I will be doing before I will be required to do it? What a concept. This workout dvd set wants you to take it on a test run to make sure you can do the exercises or what variation you will need to use before you jump into the full on workouts. I love this! My workout anxiety has finally lifted.

I liked this dvd set so much I took it with me when I went to visit my sister so she could check it out.

I highly recommend this dvd set. It’s definitely something that will help if you have workout anxiety like I do.

Where can you get it?

Amazon: Fé Fit Women’s 13-Week, 90-Day Workout Program

You can also check out a bit of what they do on youtube: Fe Fit

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****I did receive this product to review no other compensation was given. This is 100% my honest opinion and experience.****
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