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What to do with a wounded wild bird?


My kids brought me this little bird today. It’s wing looked hurt pretty bad. I remember as a kid trying to help wounded birds fly again and it never turned out a positive thing. So I was hoping I could change that experience for my Children. I use to work for a pet store and I we carried a list of animal rescue places, just in case someone needed it and I recall there being a place for injured wild animals. I admittedly googled the nearest wild bird rescue and it came up with one animal hospital. I gave them a call, since it was Saturday I was lucky they were open. I was also lucky because they weren’t far from my home.

They informed me that if a wounded bird is brought in they will examine the wounded bird. If this bird can be rescued they will nurse it back to health and place it with another group that introduces them back into the wild. If it’s in too much pain and no hope for recovery it will be humanely euthanized. (I didn’t like this idea, but the bird looked ok enough for rescue.) I loaded up the kids and we took the wounded bird into the animal hospital. They were excited to see the doctor take the bird in, because he was going to save it. The receptionist asked me to fill out a bit of info, but what was really great is they wanted to know the closest location the wild bird was found. This is so they can try and return it to it’s natural home. How awesome is that!

I think I made a positive experience for my children and the wounded bird.

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